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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  March 31, 2013 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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>> the afghan president considers talks with the taliban, laying groundwork on a visit. hello, you are watching al- jazeera live. also on the program, calling on canyons to unite after a narrow win in presidential polls. question from prosecutors for making fun of president morsi. celebrating easter, polk france's leads an open air mass. we will be there, live.
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be afghanistan president, hamid karzai, has been meeting as a part of ongoing peace talks with the taliban. the group is expected to open an office in the capital, which could be used as a base for future negotiations. next year is a big year for hamid karzai. international troops are due to leave afghanistan by the end of 2014. it will also be the end of his presidency. hamid karzai has already served the maximum two terms. the question now is whether the afghan army is ready to secure the country under new leadership. he has been laying the groundwork by opening a dialogue with the taliban and noticeably more critical of his close ally, the united states. travel to talk to representatives of the taliban
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is quite significant, but the president of afghanistan needs to convince the taliban to join the political process. he is quite concerned about the future that the americans will pull out by 2014 and so will the international community. farnows the taliban are from defeated and would like to join in the political process, talking to the government about the way out and the future of the politics. the taliban has been saying for the past few years that they do not recognize the government and that they still remain a legitimate force in afghanistan. all the parties understand that at this particularly critical moment to have to make some concessions to move forward. the international community is not going to allow for a taliban office if they are not generally willing to talk to the government about what to do
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after 2014. political analyst says that once the taliban opens an office, the government will have to take them more seriously. >> naturally it gives them more of a political legitimacy. it puts them under the pressures that legitimacy brings with it. at the same time it puts the afghan government in an interesting predicament. the afghan government has undermined itself by succumbing to its own conspiracy theory believe. i think that the afghan government will have to meet the taliban leadership and whether it takes place or not, just the opening of the office creates a new chapter. >> the expectation of the people from this government is reduced to a degree where the government has lost its traction.
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even the smallest achievement from this government would mean a lot to it, but this government does not seem to be capable of that small achievement, sorry to say. >> five members of the south african air force have been killed after their helicopter crashed in a national park. the helicopter was part of an anti-rhino poaching operation. security has been stepped up in kenya after riots over the supreme court ruling on the election. judges decided there was no evidence of fraud and confirmed the new president. fox iners of the rival the western province. >> there seems to have been no doubt in the minds of the top judges. their verdict was unanimous. >> the win is a victory for all
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kenyans. they undertook a civic duty by taking part in a process that is crucial to the importance of our country. >> this is the third time the rival has tried and failed to become president. this time he has accepted the court's decision. >> my belief in the country remains supreme. casting doubt could lead to difficulties for our country moving forward. calm theo called for months his supporters as demonstrated bent -- demonstrators vented their anger. riot police pushed them back.
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using tear gas. and batons. the reaction of the uhuru kenyatta supporters could not have been more different. >> the mood here in kenya is very different from 2007. most people want to get on with their lives and move on from the election. >> it is back to ordinary business. >> [inaudible] >> very, very happy as the kenyan people from today, uniting our nation and moving forward. >> this is the man who says he will unite canyons. he has the wealth and now he has the power. he has promised a new era in politics. one of his many trips abroad may
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be to the international criminal court, where he faces trial for crimes against humanity. >> a commercial flight has taken off from egypt and landed in iran for the first time in 34 years. eight iranians, including diplomats, were on board the flight. both countries resumed direct flights in 2010. relationships have improved over recent years after they were cut following the islamic revolution. a permanent bridge a prominent egyptian comedian has handed himself in to prosecutors in cairo to face questioning. there are complaints that he insulted islam and muhammed morsi. popular and irrelevant -- irreverent, he has built up a loyal audience over years.
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he is a train cardiac surgeon. his performances have seen him of the the jon stewart of egypt. is youtube channel is followed by millions. he is renowned for his impersonations of leading politicians, especially mohammad morsi. speaking before last year's vote, it was said that his actions might one day get him in trouble. >> it does not mean anything in this country anymore. >> they say that their motivation is not just to take on those in power, but a culture behind them. >> i have no personal vendetta against anyone. it would be an honor for me to host the criticize. a success for freedom of expression, sending the message that the muslim brotherhood accept criticism. this happens all over the world.
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why not here? >> the egyptian prosecutor general summoned him and he is being questioned. his response has been to make jokes on twitter. show andid that his comedic style are about freedom of expression, but with his next appearance likely to be in a court room, it remains to be seen who will have the last laugh. >> bangladesh is a country in turmoil. it has been in crisis for months now, with strikes turning increasingly violent. protests began in february following a verdict from the war crimes tribunal, prosecuting people involved in the 1971 civil war. thousands of people were arrested on the fifth of february after a muslim leader was sentenced to life in prison. at least 100 people have been killed and 800 others have been wounded.
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the ongoing violence has had a crippling effect on rural communities. our correspondent who we are not named for security reasons reports from bangladesh. most of this has gone to waste. violence reaches across the country. during protest strikes, most people stay at home. a group of precious products not making it to the market. >> they might destroy it and it costs over $25,000. >> farmers here do not have expensive cold storage facilities. attempting to bring products to the market mean they could lose everything. after weeks of protest, he says
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that other crops have been wasted. >> bangladeshi farmers are being destroyed. it will take years. >> he is caught between paying the bank interest on loans and paying his workers. land needwork on his to eat. this man had not been paid for week. >> when we come to work, our minds feel heavy. i feel sad that i did not get the money because my children's education and families' future has become a problem. >> i am having lots of problems. i have no rice, though oil, no money. -- no oil, no money. >> after this two day strike they were packed with produce, trying to make it to buyers before rodding. the farmers and workers who depend on this land here that
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their struggles will continue as long as the bangladeshi crisis continues. the international red cross has sent a convoy into the eastern city, where the access had been blocked for the past six months. the aid group is a few -- distributing food to the rubble -- to the group's current -- to the cities. journalists are no longer just covering what they call crimes of the regime, but focusing on the mistakes of the opposition. more now, from aleppo. speakwas too scared to in this area of the past. that is why this journalist says he will no longer be intimidated by the new authority. he has long documented the war, the killings, the shelling by
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government forces, but now he is focusing on what he calls the mistakes of the opposition, showing what he says are proof of how some brigades operate outside the law. a group of armed men here storm a school and ransack it because they were trying to arrest a member of a rival brigade. >> i need to highlight what is going wrong, it is the only way to protect the revolution. we need to talk about that because we do not want to get through assad only to have another. >> he showed these scenes to the courts, run by the opposition groups, those involved were forced to leave. >> when people do this they do not just show their opposition against the government, on many occasions they have criticized the new reality. they complain about lawlessness, lack of services, and suffering.
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and that, he says, is why he has to be the voice of the voiceless. for decades the media in syria to control, there to challenge the authorities. now people speak their mind in territories upside their control. he says there is a different kind of danger, especially since those who have at times turned their guns on each other. have gunsople now because at the beginning they took up arms against the government. now we see kidnappings and death. maybe we have one. they are all powerful. >> the opposition is made up of many groups with different agendas. some call it a democracy in the making, but others warn that a pass where force is used to rule is being replaced with a new- found freedom for the power of the gun is the strongest voice.
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ahead of the program -- >> if they fire one missile, we should fire back two. >> talking tough, we gauge the mood in south korea in the face of growing threat from the north. searching for spring, volunteers dragging for bugs and blooms in signs of climate change. >> hello, again, you are watching al-jazeera. top story, hamid karzai has been meeting the emir of kosar as part of ongoing peace with the taliban. this could be used as a base of future negotiations. kenya has increased security
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following riots over the saturday election rulings. two people were killed after the high court rejected claims of fraud. a prominent egyptian comedian has handed himself in to prosecutors to face questioning. he has a riot -- he arrived at the high court earlier. under complaints that he had insulted islam and the egyptian president. pope francis called for peace while leading his first easter sunday celebration. tens of thousands of people attended the open air mass to mark the holiest day in the christian calendar. how was this mass received by the crowds? >> received very well. i have to say that a couple of times the crowd erupted in a big applause, particularly after the
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pope appeared on the main balcony here in the square. he gave the message in latin for safety and the world, traditionally a message of peace. this year, however, he broke away with tradition. usually pope's stay in late different message, -- a message of the four languages, he read in the italian of the vatican a message of peace in which he talked to the middle east and asia. really a global message that resonated well among the crowd. of theite representative global village. joining me is someone who met the pope several times when he was cardinal. thewas a correspondent of
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largest newspaper in argentina. happy easter to you. week we heard the pope. the middle east was very prominent, when he was so lebanon, again today messages of peace. what is he trying to do? >> it is obvious he wants to build bridges with the other religions. he was very clear. he wants tohe wants to start, ia new era. as a cardinal he always had excellent relations with the and muslims. now he wants to build bridges. the other day when he spoke about brother muslims, i think the region would view this as important. i think the pope will try to change those tensions that there
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were before, no? >> beyond the politics, he is trying to change the relationship between the clerk [indiscernible] foupoor.nce a church for -- he says he wants to a church
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church poor -- wants a for the poor. he accepts people. >> this new approach, how will he use it when he has to tackle some very important issues? we have been talking about it since the 16th resigned. reform within the vatican. how will this personality bring about those reforms? which do you think he will concentrate on the most? >> for sure he will bring change. he will do it in a political way. he is a d.j. louis. his political and intelligent, doing it in his own way. i think that we can expect reform which is what all the cardinals talked about before the conclave.
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courseot about of abortion or sex marriage, he is a catholic pope. someaybe we can expect little changes in communions or divorce for ordinary people. course. have to say of the main thing is the intrigue that we have seen in the last four months and in the last year. >> thank you very much, elizabeth. the central government of the vatican, that is one of the priorities. some people would say that this was a honeymoon for the pope. theng may be today with most joyous celebration of the week. people starting to say -- what will he do next? how will he tackle all of these issues the vatican has been
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riddled with for so long. >> thank you for speaking with us. thendustrial complex near north korean border with south korea is reportedly operating normally. pyongyang had threatened to close it on saturday after declaring a formal state of war. the threats are very familiar. is the last remaining example of cooperation between north korea and south korea. of incoment source for north korea, they threatened to shut it. latest in a series of escalating threats. it comes just shortly after they said they would enter a state of war with south korea. a pattern the desert familiar to south korea. no peace agreements signed since the end of the fighting in 1950. generations have lived with the
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threat of war. whoses also a country relationship with the u.s. has created a more confident facility. >> if they fire one missile, we should fire back two. talking and warning of the war is only raising tensions, but it is north korea who is afraid. previousrth had made declarations of war in the past. in 1993 and 2009. they stopped short of starting one. they knew too well. but he was young and they tested his leadership. analysts say that he may want to prove himself to the powerful military. strong deterrents like the ones that the u.s. and south korean governments have
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displayed to make sure that kim jong un does not make reckless miscalculations. >> he may also be following a pattern used by his father. >> the fact that his threats have not worked may prompt him to take more actions. the key thing now for south korea and the international community is to convince them that he will have more to lose if you follow that path. around 60 members of the complex clan have held a rally in memphis, angry over a decision to rename public parks that had been named for leading figures in the southern confederacy. the mayor says that the city made the best of a difficult situation. >> we in this region took what could have been the worst of
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times and turned it into the best of times in terms of showing that we can tolerate dissent. >> israel has begun pumping natural gas from the fields. ae prime minister called it historic moment for them nation. spring is in the air for the northern hemisphere. is actingthe climate differently. >> on a cold morning sue and her for signs searching of spring in this forsythia bush. thingthought the whole would be dead. >> they are not just out for a stroll. for the past few years they have been diligently observing the
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budding and shedding of nearby trees and flowers. 20,000en are among demonstrators who monitor plants as the seasons change. as seen on this interactive map, they keep precise route -- precise records. >> and feel that this contributes to a large body of knowledge of changes in the environment. >> of i remember hearing in washington that we had snow in march pretty often and at least we do not have that now as much. nationalism -- naturalists have seen the mirrors from the government experts. agriculture department recently updated its map. of compared to the 1990 version, the average yearly minimum temperatures are too and have
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degrees celsius higher. that does not mean that the weather is always predictably warmer. the famous japanese cherry blossom trees, last year were at peak bloom on march 20, they are not forecast to reach full flower until april 3. tokyo, thein official opening of cherry blossom season was declared on march 13 of this year. there are definite benefits to these seasonal changes. moisturee cases more than is available. carbon dioxidee has a fertilizing effect on plants. a downclimate shift has side,
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